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Christopher is an Art and Photomedia teacher, who lives and works in beautiful Gloucester …

Full name: Christopher Steele. > Age: 55.

> Star sign: Cancer.

> Location: Gloucester.

> Years taking photographs:

I have been photographing for 37 years.

> I spend my week days …

Teaching art and photomedia to high school students in Gloucester.

> I spend my weekends…

With my wife, my family and developing my ideas for my next body of work.

> Something people may not know about my photography:

Something people may not know is that I try to integrate analogue techniques of photography, art making and digital medial into my artworks, which often has people wondering, “How did you do that?” I think it is really interesting.

> How living in this area has inspired my work:

I love living in Gloucester, because it is far enough away from the distractions of a city and it’s refreshing to be able to allow me to be more introspective and creative and enjoy the fresh country air.

> What impact have your Masters studies had on your work?

My Master studies have allowed me to focus my practice on a specific concept and develop it to the best it can be. Knowledge is power!

> Why any person should try photography:

Everybody should try photography, because it is easy now to be able to take photos and learn how to express yourself in capturing what’s around you.

> Photos will last forever because …

They capture a moment in time, and we can’t get that back. That is pretty special.

> Where you will find me in five years:

In five years I will be making art and enjoying my life, regardless of anything that happens between now and then.

> The Plug

I’ll be having another exhibition in Gloucester in the future, and hopefully it will be a brand new body of work that further extends the concept of the integration of art and photography.

> Thank you Christopher.

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