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Taree local Chloe Hargreaves is a creative and talented young artist who is making her mark in a very unique way, with many of her artworks being found in public places for all to admire. Chloe spent some time chatting with FOCUS recently – here’s her story.

Can you please give me a bit of background about you – your family, your history in the area, where you went to school …

Most of my family comes from Taree, and I was born in Taree also.

I attended St Joseph’s Primary School from years K – 6, then St Clare’s from Years 7 – 9, and moved across to Taree Christian College for the remainder of my school years.

Art, of course, was my favourite subject in high school, but I loved English also.

What was the catalyst for you beginning the journey with art?

I’m an auditory learner, meaning I learn through listening to what I’m being taught, rather than watching or copying.

In Years 7 – 9, I would doodle in the front and back of my school books, whilst listening to my teachers in class. It became something I loved to do, and the designs weren’t half bad.  From there, my designs started to get bigger, and I started drawing more often. When people started to show interest in the drawings I was doing, I began to draw for friends and family upon request.

When I felt that I was good enough, I started selling my drawings for relatively cheap prices and started publicising my works on social media, where I started receiving positive comments telling me that I should do more with my art. 

 This is mainly where it all began.

What genre or category of art do you think you align most with? Do you have any artists in particular who have influenced you … if so, how?

I always thought that murals and zentangle styled drawings would be my main creative driver from the day I started drawing them. I was pretty set on the idea that I couldn’t draw anything else, but never really tried either. It wasn’t until Year 10 that my art teacher, Mrs Catherine Grimwood, encouraged me to branch out into different genres.

She had me using all types of different mediums, such as charcoal, pastels, pencils, watercolour and acrylic paints.

Eventually, I became more comfortable with trying new styles of art, and now I’m much more open to painting with different mediums when I’m asked.

Although I loved using different mediums and styles, patterning, mandalas and tangling will always be my favourite type of art to create.

Can you describe some of the artworks you’ve created so far? Are there any that you’re most proud of?

I’ve done a variety of different artworks since I started doing larger pieces in 2015.

Some of the larger works include:

  • Taree Christian College – Year 10 Mini Major – Brain Mural (2015), and Year 10 Open Day Piece – Cross Mural (2015)
  • Jenko’s Burger Joint – Menu (2018)
  • Greenhouse Cafè – Leaf Mural (2018)
  • Townhead Fruit & Veg – Zentangle Mural (2018)
  • Stacey Lee’s Centre Stage – Wings Mural (2019)
  • Bent On Life – Bessy The Cow Mural (2019)
  • Bent On Life – Vine Mural (2019)

As well as these artworks, I have also created some smaller custom works for clients, family and friends.

I’m proud of all my works, but in particular, the surfboard.

The board belonged to Tyrell Mitchell, who was very sadly killed in a car accident in March 2018. His brother contacted me to draw on the board in his memory.

What type of materials do you use to create your pieces?

Materials vary depending on the size of the piece, or the design I’m asked to create.

A lot of my designs are drawn using “UNI POSCA Markers”, which are an oil based paint pen that generally require shaking before use, similar to that of an aerosol spray can.

These pens are my go-to, as they can draw on almost any surface and have the same quality pigments as those found in paint.

I’ve been using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint for the last two murals I created at Bent On Life in February/March. This paint is velvety and has an ultra matte finish. It is quite thick, but can be watered down to the desired thickness and is very versatile and limitless when it comes to painting on walls, furniture and almost any other surface being used as a canvas.

Where would you like to be in five years’ time?

I love creating new pieces of art each week – I hope that I’m able to do it for as long as my hands and limbs will allow me to. I’ve been drawing and painting for around eight years now, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted nothing more than to travel. I recently decided that I would like to find myself in different countries viewing all kinds of different art within the next few years. Eventually, I would like to have my own gallery/or studio, where I can create and sell works to the public all over the world.

I would love to collaborate with people in businesses small and large to create new and exciting works of art, logos and designs that could potentially find their way around the world.

Do you do any commissioned work?

I do create commissioned works upon request. I like to reach out to small businesses to request the creation of murals or custom works to liven up the walls in shops, cafés, or restaurants.

How do people get in touch with you, or find out more information about your art?

I am contactable on multiple social media platforms; these include:

0436 486 856

Thanks Chloe.

Interview: Ingrid Bayer.

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