Can Assist Manning Vallery Comeday Gala – Paul Allan and Katie Burch

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 If a spectacular night out enjoying a beautiful two course meal, amazingly talented comedians, a charity auction and loads of other fun activities sounds like your kind of entertainment, don’t miss the Can Assist Manning Valley Comedy gala at Club Taree on August 29. President of Can Assist Manning valley, Paul Allan, and comedian Katie Burch – one of the Gala’s performers – tell us more about the event

Paul Allan – President Can Assist anning Valley

Can Assist Manning Valley was formed in October 2012, when it was recognised by committee members that there was a desperate need to support local cancer patients and their families.

Can Assist Manning Valley offer financial support through the paying of bills (such as phone, electricity, and mortgage payments), supplying fuel and food vouchers, paying car registration, CTP and repairs. Can Assist Manning Valley can also assist in paying for pharmaceuticals, medical bills, accommodation and travel.

Can Assist Manning Valley have a hardworking, active and passionate local committee, all who volunteer their time in a joint effort with the support of the community to raise our funds for local cancer patients. The fundamental of Can Assist Manning Valley is that funds raised locally stay local, as is the case with all Can Assist Branches.

The generosity and support of the community in donating, fundraising and supporting the committee is very much appreciated, and helps  the committee support locals needing a helping hand.

While it is important to raise funds, it is also important for the committee to raise awareness about how Can Assist Manning Valley can help locals living with cancer. Support is easy to seek by contacting Can Assist Manning Valley on 0428 593 973.

The committee each year are amazed and humbled by the levels of support that the major fundraiser receives from local businesses and individuals. The major fundraiser in 2013 and 2014 was structured as a Black Tie Ball, and these two events alone raised in excess of $90,000 for Can Assist Manning Valley to distribute to local cancer patients and their families to help ease the financial burden experienced after a cancer diagnosis.

2015 sees a change of event, still as the major fundraiser, but in the form of a Comedy Gala. The 2015 Can Assist Manning Valley Comedy Gala featuring internationally acclaimed comedians, local artists, along with all the fun of the fair is being held on Saturday 29th August 2015 at Club Taree. Tickets are on sale now at the venue.

Seated in tables of 10, it is the perfect opportunity for social and corporate groups to get together for a great night out, while supporting this great local charity.

Thanks Paul.

Katie Burch – Comedian

Hi Katie. Why become a comedian in the first place … some would describe this as a tough gig?

Yeah, fair point; I don’t know what I was thinking! I guess I just wanted to get out of the house and away from the kids a few times a week … I always liked writing and being a bit of a wanker, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

And speaking of “tough gigs”, you were the runner up at the RAW Comedy National Final last year, against some hot competition. What have you taken away from this whole experience?

RAW was a great gig, although when I went down to Melbourne I stayed in hostel in a room with 15 other weirdos. Someone stole my phone charger, so I spent half the night crawling around the room trying to steal someone else’s charger. I guess what I took away from that experience, was next time don’t stay in a hostel unless I have a backup charger.

One of the comments I’ve read about you described you as “tough” and “uncompromising” but also “hugely appealing” … How well do you feel this sums up your personality?

I think that’s how my husband would describe me.

I’ve also noted that you’ve managed to learn to live with a husband and “keep two kids alive – just”. Do you have any tips for us about being a wife and mother? Any help gratefully accepted, as I’m a mum to four and step-mum to two myself …

Well, I know for me, both of my kids are scared of the vacuum cleaner, so I try to vacuum every day. And when they run off to their room, I make myself a Malibu and pineapple juice and hide behind the bin in the kitchen and pretend I’m on a tropical island. Then by the time my husband comes home, I seem relaxed and capable. But if you have 6 kids, I can’t help you – you’re in too deep.

You’ll be visiting us in Taree for the Can Assist Comedy Gala, along with fellow comedian Harley Breen. Just to be serious for a few moments, why do you feel it’s important to support groups such as Can Assist – and what can we expect to see from you during your performance?

Can Assist Manning Valley has a lot of local people depending on them to keep going, and they need our support to do that. I love being a part of shows like this; the crowd is full of people who need a good laugh. You can expect some dry humour from me, and of course jokes at the expense of my husband and children.

What’s on your schedule for the next twelve months or so – any big plans in the pipeline?

I’ve got big plans to buy some new ugg boots at the end of this winter when they’re on sale – can’t wait.

Thanks Katie.

THE PLUG:  Can Assist Manning Valley Comedy Gala on Saturday 29th August 2015 at Club Taree 5:30pm. Featuring international comedians, two course meal, entertainment and charity auction and all the fun of the fair.

Tickets Available at Club Taree Reception; $85 per person.

Phone (02) 6539 4000


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