Brett Adams – Photographer

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Have you ever met someone who makes you smile and feel instantly at ease? Brett Adams is one of those people, which is a great quality in a photographer with whom you are entrusting your special moments.



Name: Brett Adams.

Where do you live?

My wife and I moved to Taree from Brisbane in February.

How many years have you spent behind the lens?

I stared shooting when I was about 10, but professionally just over 14 years now.

How do you spend your weekdays?

Working. If not shooting, I’m editing … FOREVER editing!

How do you spend your weekends?

Playing golf (how good is the Tallwoods course?) or boating (isn’t Forster beautiful!) … if I’m not shooting a wedding or portrait session.

What brought you here to the Manning Great Lakes?

Honestly, my wife; she is the new vet at the Manning Veterinary Hospital. I spoke to her last year about expanding my business and after seeing the area first hand. It was a no brainer. We love it!

Did you do any formal study? If so, how do you think that prepared and equipped you for what you are doing now?

Look, I’m not sure if the advice I’m about to give is good or bad. I did do a 2-year Diploma of Photography straight out of high school, but after a year and a half, I pulled out. I’m a person who loves interaction with people, and sitting in a class room wasn’t me. I thought, I could be sitting here, or I could just get out to the real world and interact with actual clients, so I did. You obviously need to know what you are doing, but the best training is on the job for me.

Who are your favourite photographers/artists – the one’s who’ve inspired your passion for photography?

Yervant is an absolute god when it comes to wedding photography. I have been to seminars with him speaking, and it’s mind blowing what he does. Matt Hoyle is an amazing portrait and commercial photographer, who is now based in New York. I have been lucky enough to work with him; he makes photos look like pieces of art. Craig Golding is my favourite sports photographer; he has an amazing eye.

What inspires your photography?

PEOPLE! … and interesting locations. I love to get stuff that is different to everyone else.

What is a project you are working on right now?

An amazing wedding I shot last weekend on Moreton Island, just off the coast of Brisbane. The entire bridal party were adventure nuts. The shots are crazy; they would have jumped off a building if I told them to.

Something people may not know about your photography:

I like to think I’m adaptable to whatever photography my client wants, whether it be classic, modern, or photo journalistic.

What are your favourite subjects to shoot, and why?

People who want to have their photo taken because they respond better to having a massive camera pointed at them.

Why photos will last forever …

Because they are one split second in time that portrays emotion, whether good or bad … where would Facebook be without photos?

Where will people find your best works?

Anything I really like I put on my website. Other than that, in people’s homes on their wall, after I take their photo.

For you, what is the key to being a successful photographer?

For me, it’s smiling! I love what I do.

What is a photo you will remember forever?

There is a photo of my wife and I at our wedding. A photographer buddy of mine took the shot; it’s such a tender moment of the both of us. We are sitting on a bench in a park kissing. It brings back good memories of the day.

Thanks Brett.


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