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Bluejuice are one of Australia’s up and coming bands and are currently making their way around the country to promote their ‘Broken Leg’ Tour. Lauren Charlton calls in for a chat with the band.

Bluejuice is such an interesting name for a band. What’s the story behind the name?

Funnily enough, it’s a name everyone in the band pretty much hates! After 8 years, we’re now stuck with it!

Essentially, Bluejuice is the nickname of our old drummer and bass player combined. We never really liked it but it stuck with the band, and then we started releasing our work and had to keep the name. I don’t think anyone wanted to enter the debate of what we would call the band if we weren’t going to be called Bluejuice.

> Tell us about your origins and how you guys came together?

The original band was only instrumental.  There was Ned on drums, Jerry on keys and Jamie on the bass, because they all went to school together. Jake was invited later on to do some vocals. I joined the band a few months after that, because Jake and I had met through a guy called Sam Bennet, the director of all our film clips.

Seven years later, Ned left the band to do a Masters in Public Policy and go to the UN. Our new drummer James has been in the band for a good 6 months now. And it’s all going really well.

> You recently played at Splendour in the Grass at Byron Bay. How was it, and what other festivals have you played?

We have played pretty much all of the festival circuit, Big Day Out, Homebake, Splendour, Falls Fest, Festival of the Sun, Come Together Festival, South Bound in Perth, and Valley Fiesta in Brisbane. Splendour was fantastic. We shared a dressing room with Manchester Orchestra, because they were low on rooms.

That was actually really fun; they are really funny guys, and we spent a good 3 or 4 hours before the show insulting each other – it was hilarious! Even though the festivals are awesome, I love playing at the clubs, especially the smaller venues, because of the way you can connect with an audience.

> What are some of your career highlights?

There are so many things! Definitely playing at all the festivals, especially Splendour the first time we played it. It was just such a huge event for us. The very first time we were played on radio was pretty cool, and that’s always nice.

Doing the film clips is always fun as well, working with our friend Sam. It’s always good to collaborate with friends, and Sam understands the band so well. Signing our first record deal, after 7½ years was a pretty big step for the band too.

> How would you describe your genre of music?

Technically speaking it’s probably pop, but it really borrows from everything. A Bluejuice song commands your attention, from the start to the finish.

> How do you keep yourselves motivated to create new and appealing songs?

We just get in the studio and do it, I guess.  With our band there are not too many bells and whistles. We just get in and do the work, but I don’t use the word ‘work’ in a negative sense. I think it’s important to have a job and to enjoy it as much as we do. You really need to be passionate about it. It’s definitely a fortunate position to find oneself in. As unglamorous and uninspiring as that sounds!

> Apart from being talented musicians, do you guys have any other special talents?

I myself have an online company with a friend, and I have also done some voice over work. Jake is a journalist and Jamie and Jerry play in other bands. Jamie is a great writer too, he does all our bios and press releases and stuff like that. Jamie is a session drummer through and through and was also a pretty keen surfer and a kick boxing champion when he was a kid.

> And finally, what’s next for Bluejuice?

Putting out the record in September is the biggest thing. We just put out the single ‘Broken Leg’ and now we will be doing a whole lot of touring. We do hope to go overseas, but we will wait and see if those plans come to fruition or not.

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