Biggest Winner Ultimate Thinner Challenge

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Great Lakes, the challenge has been made. Get your teams together and get healthy in this year’s Biggest Winner Ulimate Thinner Challenge.

What is the Biggest Winner Ultimate Thinner Challenge (BWUT)?
Biggest Winner Ultimate Thinner is now an annual 12-week weight loss/wellness competition held in the Great Lakes organised by local weight loss and fitness experts, Kerryann and Fergus Hayes of Fitness2428 Personal Training Studio. Designed not only to get the Great Lakes community inspired to become fitter and healthier but also to raise money for charity, the challenge consists of teams of 4 people competing to lose the highest percentage of weight – (not necessarily the amount of weight – during the competition). Cash prizes (based on number of participants) are disbursed to the top teams and individuals, with the prize pool in 2010 being over $10,000 cash and prizes.

Why did you start the challenge?
Over the past 20 years in the fitness industry, we have watched people struggle with weight loss – which if they are unable to manage long term, affects their health negatively. There are many reasons for this, but most commonly it’s poor food choice, too little activity and also, often little support. The BWUT challenge is our way of impacting on these factors by creating a fun, competitive and rewarding way of losing weight, with 12 weeks hopefully being a long enough period for people to change some unhealthy habits … permanently!

How many teams entered last year?
We aimed for 10 and were inundated; 49 teams took part. This year with our new Corporate Division aimed at improving the health of our local workplaces and the amazing local support we now have from sponsors, we hope to see more teams.

What was one of the highlights from last year’s challenge?
Last year’s highlights were … the massive influx of entries over the last week, the supportive emails we got from challengers thanking us for running the event, the number or times we witnessed people get on the scales and go under a 100 kilos for the first time in years, the day we realised the community lost an actual tonne and the after party … so many people were so proud of their efforts, whether they won the cash or not.

How much weight was lost last year?
1,122 kilos, with $1 for every kilo being donated to charity. Last year it was Camp Quality – this year Forster Hospital’s newly opened Oncology Unit.

What have been some of the positive flow on effects for participants from last year?

Many of them have changed their attitude to weight loss, understanding that 12 weeks is really just a start. With the information, ideas and support we provide throughout the challenge many have been able to get past previous weight loss hurdles and maintain a lower overall weight long term.

Often people don’t stick their fitness routines and new habits out long enough to see results. Everyone can lose weight quickly if they go all out with exercise and eat less, but few maintain it. Unfortunately as personal trainers we see it all the time and it’s a hard thing for people to understand, because everyone wants to sell you a quick result.

Why should people in the Great Lakes enter the BWUT Challenge?

1. It provides accountability and support. These are the keys to weight loss. Most people let themselves down by not following through on actions necessary to achieve their weight loss goals. Being in a team encourages support, accountability and camaraderie when the going gets tough.

2. Incentives, great rewards and cash prizes.

3. A opportunity for people to actually take the first step to change their life to a healthier one, with the genuine support of local people.

4. Help to raise money for a great local cause.

5. Even though you may not need to lose weight, this is an opportunity to help your friends and loved ones by being in their team, supporting them to improve their health and lifestyle.

Who can enter the challenge?

Any Great Lakes resident. Last year we had men, women, families, work places, sports groups and groups of friends enter our challenge. People of all shapes and sizes with the one common goal of losing weight to improve their health. Everyone who completed the challenge in its entirety did achieve that and more.

Do entrants need to be members of Fitness 2428?

No. We don’t ask that you join our studio; we don’t make you feel uncomfortable; we genuinely want to help and encourage you just to be part of this inspiring event and take the necessary steps to be healthier.

We do offer services during the event designed to maximise results … see our advertisement opposite. For any queries, give us a call. We will be only happy to help.

What is your top tip for getting the most out of the Challenge?

Put aside your mistakes of the past …revisiting them will not help!

Set yourself and your team some goals daily; this will keep you focused each day.

Do 30 mins exercise every day.

Don’t get bogged down with the diet. Follow basic fundamentals; Fitness2428 can help with these.

See it through; don’t let this be a lost opportunity.

How can people enter the challenge? When, Where and How …

Form a team of 4 people. Any individual may join any team; however, corporate teams wishing to be eligible for the corporate prize must have at least 2 team members currently employed by the same business/company and use their business name in their title.

Those under age 18 are welcome, with parental permission. (If you need help finding teammates, email

Teammates DO NOT have to be Fitness2428 clients.

Choose a unique name (i.e. Defeat De-fat, Mission Slimpossible, Diet Divas, Waist Warriors).

E-mail your team name, team members and contact number to Jade as soon as possible to secure the team name and your spot in the challenge:

Supply 4 completed and signed entry forms to Fitness2428 by Wednesday 17 August. Entry forms available at Fitness2428 or via email.

Participants should attend the initial launch/weigh-in on Friday 19 August, 2011. Bring the $80 entry fee in cash/cheque if you haven’t pre-paid.

We will add your email address to our database, and all correspondence will be via email.

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