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CEO Mayo Private Hospital

Do you prefer to be called Ben or Benjamin?

Ben is perfectly fine and is what most people call me, at and away from work.

Welcome to the lovely Manning-Great Lakes! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

Thank you. I am excited to move to the area. I have spent the last 12 years living in Sydney, but my wife and I both grew up in Queensland on small acreage, surrounded by a close-knit community. We have a two-year-old son and want to provide that same opportunity to him, by relocating to Manning-Great Lakes.

I understand you’ve only just arrived here from Sydney and a role at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. Can you fill us in on your career up ’til now?

Yes, that’s right. I have spent the last 12 years at Sydney Adventist Hospital, most recently working with Brett Goods who, in actual fact, is a former CEO of Mayo Private Hospital and an extended member of the “Healthe Care family”.

I started my career in healthcare as a registered nurse in intensive care, where I went on to become the Nurse Unit Manager. I was later involved with leading hospital reform programs and then as an analyst in a business performance and productivity team, all before my most recent role as director of the critical care division at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Any high points you can share with our readers?

There have been many high points, starting with the hospital reform work, where we managed to reduce emergency department wait times for treatment. I found this extremely rewarding, as it improved the safety of patients; research has linked prolonged wait times in the emergency department with increased morbidity and mortality.
More recently, in my last role prior to joining Mayo Private, I was involved with developing and implementing both an emergency care and cardiovascular strategy, delivering significant efficiency and growth benefits for the hospital.

Is there anything that particularly attracted you to our area (apart from your role as CEO at the Mayo)?

Yes, definitely. I have always been attracted to the region for recreation, visiting for a number of years, camping and surfing.
I have always thought that it is a beautiful part of Australia and the perfect place to raise a family. So, when I heard about the role at Mayo Private, I felt it was a great lifestyle opportunity for my family and career opportunity as well.

When you manage to get some downtime, how do you like to spend it? Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

Having a toddler keeps me busy outside of work, but I love spending time with our son and seeing him develop and learn.
When I do get the time though, I love the ocean and enjoy both surfing and scuba diving. I also enjoy cycling and love to camp and bushwalk. I am looking forward to exploring the Barrington Tops for our next camping adventure.

I realise it’s very early days, but in stepping into the role of CEO, I wonder what your vision is for the Mayo Private Hospital?

Although it is early days, I do have a vision for Mayo Private Hospital, which is to be a trusted provider of quality healthcare to the community. This is not something that I can achieve alone; it requires a community of doctors, nurses, support services and volunteers with a strong culture of caring for and valuing people above all else.
I believe this vision will enable us to attract more specialists to the area to meet the healthcare needs of the community in their community.
I have been focused on meeting many of the staff in the first couple of weeks to understand the current culture and their needs. I’m looking forward to meeting the general practitioners and other community members to identify how we can better support them with their healthcare needs.

Thanks, Ben.
Interview: Ingrid Bayer.

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