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Sarah Dunstan speaks to Manager Kylie Crupi about the iconic restaurant’s recent award recognition.

Hi Kylie. Thanks for speaking with FOCUS. Beach Street Seafoods has a proud history in Forster, being a renowned local restaurant for over 20 years. What do you think draws people from far and wide to experience your offerings?

Being in business for over 20 years has seen us attract a huge following from a lot of local and distant areas, and I believe we can attribute that to a great consistent product, coupled with fast, friendly and efficient service. At Beach St Seafoods we are like a big family and that flows on to our customer base, as we see the regulars each week and the family tourists each holidays … People love that we remember them each time they return to the area.

Aside from the very popular and classic fish and chips, what else is on the menu for summer?

This summer sees all the classic favourites like Crispy Fish and Chips, House Made Salt and Pepper Squid, Hot and Cold Platter – cooked and fresh seafood all served with homemade sauces, salads and desserts available. We source as much local and fresh produce as possible all year round and this season will be no exception, with everything cooked fresh from our window display to order.

Beach Street Seafoods uses pure cholesterol-free vegetable oil and a thin light batter for all cooking. This is quite a point of difference from other takeaway food stores. 

Why is this an important measure for the business in offering a healthy alternative, and does this make the food taste better?

Our motto at Beach St Seafoods is “The Healthy Alternative”. Cooking in cholesterol free vegetable oil and changing oil on a daily basis ensures our customers receive the finest, freshest product possible. Our customers also enjoy no pre cooking, which means everything is made to order and is of a high quality standard. This sets us apart.

The restaurant has recently been honoured with a very prestigious national award. Please tell us a little bit about the nomination process and going on to win the title?

Do You Love Our Fish and Chips? Is how it all began, with the FRDC running a National Fish and Chips Awards competition. Customers had to vote for their favourite fish and chip shop, where we finished second in NSW, due to such a massive local and far away following. Being at this ranking set the stage for us to be nationally judged by a secret panel of consumers on various categories, including taste, cleanliness, knowledge of sustainability and product sold and of course, customer service. 

It was announced that we were to head to Parliament House in Canberra for the official announcement of winners. We were so excited at the possibility of a win for the business and for our local community. At the ceremony we were able to meet people from the FRDC and also the other finalist fish and chippers. 

Beach St Seafoods was awarded First Place Judges Choice for NSW/ACT – a huge achievement for our team, who worked and do work so hard every day to make this possible.

What does this honour mean to yourself and the team?

Winning this award means the world to us and our amazing team at Beach St Seafoods. We have found that it means a lot to our regular customers too, some of whom have supported us since day one, all those years ago.

It is also a great recognition of the hard work, dedication and passion that it takes to run a successful business. Many people do not understand or recognise the sacrifices made by people and families when they own a small business; it is hard work physically, mentally and emotionally, and it was all worthwhile seeing the faces and responses of our team, family, friends and of course, our loyal customers.

What is your vision business-wise for 2019?

Our vision for Beach St Seafoods for 2019 is to continue employing young staff and building our team. Staying focused on delivering top quality product with the best service around is our biggest priority. Our team motto is “constant and never ending improvement”; we strive for that everyday.

We ask ourselves every day, “How can we make a difference to someone’s day today?” And we tell ourselves every day how truly blessed and lucky we are to have such a great team behind us and that we get to serve the nicest and kindest people around. 

What do you love most about living in the Manning-Great Lakes?

Truly, what is there not to like? We have the most pristine waterways, beaches, lakes, great community spirit and fantastic people. Forster itself has a great vibe through the summer, bursting with people relaxing and just enjoying the town. Of course, now we can also add BEST FISH AND CHIPS in NSW! Thank you to the people of the Manning- Great Lakes for all your support over the years, and we look forward to many more.

Thanks Kylie.

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