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Last year’s winners of the Forster Tuncurry Business Awards – Business of the Year, Banks and Dade, have not rested on their laurels. This year has seen them move into new premisses and brush up their business vision for the future.



Name of business:

Banks and Dade Family Chiropractors.

Describe your business?

Both Mark and myself are chiropractors. We were both (separately) drawn to this amazing health modality later in life, because we saw what a difference it could make to people’s lives. We are in the business of helping our patients get out of pain and then assisting them towards a life of increased health and vitality. Health education is something we are passionate about – and assisting people to know that they do have a choice in their health care and how important it is for them to become involved in their own wellness and of course, their families.

How long have you been in business in the Manning-Great Lakes?

Mark came up here at the end of 2005, and I quickly followed in 2006.

What are some of the highlights of running your business in the region?

We truly love the interconnectedness of living in a smaller community and seeing the effect that helping one person can have on helping other people within their social networks. The ability to walk on the beach every morning with the dogs and still make it to work on time is a big drawcard. The drive out to our other practice at Gloucester is beautiful every time and lets us experience a much wider range of lovely people than if we just worked in a city. In this region we still have reasonably easy access to Sydney for seminars and conferences.

What are some of the hurdles you face running your business in the region?

In this relaxed, friendly environment, it’s too easy to drop your game and level of professionalism. We’ve always tried to deliver the same level of service or better than you would encounter in the city.

Since taking out Business of the Year in last year’s Forster Tuncurry Business Awards, have you made any changes to your business?

The win was an amazing and delightful surprise. We actually entered because we wanted to win the ‘Best Customer Service’ award, so to take out the whole thing was fantastic.

The big change to our business has been moving to our lovely new blue premises on The Lakes Way. We now live and work at the same location, which has been a goal for a while. We have also employed an additional part time chiropractic assistant. We have become a little more social media savvy and now have our Banks and Dade Family Chiropractors website, Facebook page and blogspot.

The house where you are now located looks lovely and bright. Are you happy with how it has all turned out?

Yes, we love it, and it is great to work at home. The home is where the heart is, and I am sure our patients feel that – we have a great time every day. (I have only been caught in my PJs once!)

Would you change anything?

Of course I would; I have been watching The Renovators! I probably would have been a little more daring, but overall it works really well. Our builder made some good suggestions to maximise the space for the Practice.

Business goals for 2011 – 2012?

I am a five-year planner. However, we plan to make closer relationships with friends and patients, because it’s really about who we are and what we do that propels us.

At the moment we are focusing on getting back on track after the big move and renovations and keeping our level of care up to the standard that our patients have come to know and expect. Our main aim for the next 12 months is to increase the number of families coming to the practice, by providing education through workshops. This, we believe, will increase the overall wellness of the whole community – even helping with self respect and self esteem.

We also want to continue with our community involvement and education through health columns and talks and working towards fostering a better working relationship with all the health modalities in this town.

Final thoughts?

I would like to encourage all small business to firstly join their Chamber of Commerce; it is a very valuable resource and is only as good as its members, and secondly, to enter this competition. It has been such a worthwhile exercise for us. To put the entry in, we had to look at so many facets of our business; it opened our eyes to what we were doing and how much we could do and helped us feel really proud of ourselves.

As members, we’ve had great results with the Great Lakes sector of Business Network International and intend to use it more.

I believe that everything comes back to yourself. In business (and life) if things are not running as you would want them to be, you must ask, “What do I need to change?” Let your passion flow, act with honesty and integrity and you cannot go wrong – people know when you are not telling the truth!

How can people get in contact with your business?

Our telephone number is 6557 6333, email:

We are on Facebook at Banks and Dade Family Chiropractors, our blog is at

And we have our beautiful new website

Thanks Linda.


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