Awake the Inner Goddess Women’s Retreat

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With a passion for healing, Jenny Ashton has brought together some diverse and amazing local women to run the “Awaken the Inner Goddess” Women’s Retreat from September 13 to 15 at Kings Creek. In the final stages of preparation, Jenny spent some time explaining what it’s all about!

What’s the background, inspiration or motivation for coordinating and holding this women’s retreat?

The inspiration to hold the retreat developed from assisting mostly women with healing. As a medium, medical intuitive, clairvoyant, energy healer and a student of Astrology, I feel and see so many people who have lost their inner wisdom and spirit without knowing the cause, and they feel disconnected. Our inner-self, soul, spirit – whatever name you want to call that part of ourselves – remembers that we are all connected and continues to search for meaning and guidance. 

Some of the issues that women struggle to heal or resolve within themselves are trauma, healthy relationships and establishing boundaries. 

Trauma has many faces, and everyone responds differently. Whatever the trauma, we all hold the shadow of the event in our physical body, often on a deep cellular level that is difficult to shift without the help of a therapist. There is no one single fix; it should involve a multi-level approach. Astrology gives me keys to the individual and their likely responses.

At times we all struggle with relationships, and when the relationship we have with ourselves is out of balance, our relationships suffer. When we can heal our feeling of disconnection, then we can connect with others and establish healthy boundaries. 

Back to your question … it’s the collective energy of a group all seeking meaning and purpose in their lives … the power in the collective energy. Holding a retreat such as this one gives time for healing, gives time to reset in a safe environment. Holding a retreat is a time to invest in yourself, to step outside your comfort zone … to shine and heal body, mind, heart and spirit. 

Who are the instructors, and what do they each specialise in?

Healing often needs a multi-discipline approach. I feel fortunate to have in my life a circle of amazing women who will bring their special talents and teachings to assist during the weekend.

Beverly McCulloch has been a practitioner of Yoga for over 20 years, and a teacher of Yoga for over 10 years. She is also the owner of Healing Heart Yoga in Taree, which is a dedicated centre for learning, living well and thriving. 

Karen Jenkins is a qualified holistic therapist with more than 25 years’ experience in remedial body work, psychophysical healing, vibrational medicine and is a mental health peer worker. 

Deb Scarfe is from Viva Kinect. Deb is an occupational therapist and a dance movement therapist. Dance movement therapy is a fun, creative, expressive medium to explore who we are, how we move in our world, how we relate to others and to our environment.

And I’m the host and instructor for the women’s retreat. I have had a lifetime of lived experience as an intuitive, medium and energy healer. Assisting women in their process of healing is a passion. It gives me joy to hear the response from a client after a session that they feel “lighter”. I believe that healing starts with your need to be whole and to understand that your soul needs you to live your life without suffering. Although I have studied Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki, my best results are when I work intuitively. 

Tell us about the venue – it sounds amazing … and perfectly suited to an event like this!

Kings Creek is a venue that I’ve been fortunate to have visited in my capacity as an Authorised Celebrant, where I’ve conducted weddings over the years. It was an easy choice, as I really did feel that this venue would be the ideal “unique” place to hold our women’s retreat at! 

What is on the agenda for the participants?  

The activities start on Friday evening with the Native American tradition of prayer ties, followed by a guided meditation. 

 Saturday 7 – 8 am Yoga; after breakfast, Beverley will give a 30-minute talk – Yoga Teachings. The morning session is Creative Journal Work, where we focus on the highs and lows of your life. After lunch session – therapist Karen Jenkins will lead Earthing, Rhythm and Movement. After dinner session will be with OT and dance and movement therapist Debbie Scarfe, closing the night with a full moon medication. 

Sunday 7 – 8 am Yoga – Beverley will give another 30-minute talk. 

Sunday morning is Healing Medicine Wheel – incorporating Astrology. After lunch, we will return to the Creative Journal – “What Now”. We will be closing with a drumming and fire ceremony. 

What do you hope participants will get out of the retreat?

I know it is often an overused word, but I would like everyone who attends to feel empowered, lighter, and stronger, ready to rise and shine their special light. 

Is there a larger vision you have when it comes to events such as these for women in our area?

Ideally, I would like to offer women’s retreats in different areas on the Barrington Coast, holding two or three annually, with activities to suit the needs of participants.

Where do our readers go to find out more, or purchase tickets?

To find out more information on the women’s retreat, call 0409 605 4147, and I can answer your questions or email more details. 

Thanks, Jenny.

Interview: Ingrid Bayer.

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