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Award winning vocal group Audio Vixen will be delighting fans at Club Forster on 26th March with their exciting show, “A Tribute to Family Legends”. The talented trio caught up with FOCUS to share details of their history and  latest venture …

Take us back to when Audio Vixen was founded. How did you come together to share your passions?

Ross: Audio Vixen was formed in 2008. Ria and Christine had already been singing from a very young age with our parents, and then started worked as a duet for a number of years. We started jamming together when I learnt how to play guitar at the age of 12, and the harmony sound of a trio just clicked with us, so we decided to make it official and we became “Audio Vixen”.

Who makes up the group?

Ross, Ria and Christine.

You’ve received outstanding reviews and accolades over the years. What have been some of the biggest highlights?

Ria: Definitely the biggest highlight for us would be when we were given the opportunity to be the opening act for Barry Gibb’s Australian Mythology Tour. It was an incredible experience, and to see his passion for music up close and personal and the reactions from his audiences motivated us even further to make music our life goal.

Christine: We were lucky enough to be finalists in The X Factor in 2011, and going through that experience together was pretty special too. It exposed us to a larger audience than what we had reached by ourselves, so we’ve made the most of that and basically haven’t stopped since we came off the show.

You’re touring a special tribute show to some of the most well known and respected artists in history – who are some of the artists you’re covering in the show?

Ross: We are currently touring a show called A Tribute to Family Legends, which we’re bringing to Club Forster on the 26th March, which pays homage to some of the legendary family groups in the history of music such as The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys, The Everly Bros, The Jackson 5, The Carpenters and more.

We enjoy performing such classic songs, and people love hearing them come to life again. It’s great music that everyone knows and can’t help singing along to. If anyone would like to see a glimpse of the show, they can see a quick extract on YouTube called Audio Vixen – A Tribute to Family Legends.

Who is your favourite artist to play tribute to?

Christine: We all have a different answer! (Laughs). For me, it’s probably The Carpenters. I’ve always loved Karen Carpenter’s voice and the way she made people feel when she sang, so I relish the chance to do those songs justice.

Ria: The Bee Gees. I don’t know anyone who can resist such great songs.

Ross: I love playing the songs from The Beach Boys. They put you in such a great mood when you hear them.

What are you looking forward to most about getting on the road?

Ria: Taking this show out on the road and bringing it to a brand new audience keeps us energised. We always give it 110%, because we want people to know that when they come and see our shows, they’re going to have a great experience.

Ross: We usually do a Meet and Greet after our shows, so we enjoy meeting new people and having a chat with them. Sometimes they tell us stories about experiences they’ve had with meeting The Bee Gees when they lived in Australia, or seeing The Beach Boys as their first concert.

When it comes to your original songs, who does all the writing and what inspires you?

Christine: It just depends on what mood everyone is in. Sometimes Ross will write three or four songs in a row on his own, and then Ria and I will have a listen and give our input. Or sometimes Ria will have lyrics and Ross will have a melody line, and we try to put them together. I don’t think there’s any particular formula in how we write.

Ross: The three of us listen to quite a diverse range of music styles, and we’re drawn to them for different reasons. I listen to anything from Coldplay and Muse, to Led Zepplin, The Doobie Bros or Bryan Adams, etc. Ria’s influences come from the likes of Shania Twain, Florence and the Machine and Robben Ford, and for Christine it’s Adele, Lady Antebellum and Richard Marx. Collectively as songwriters we’re inspired by The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Coldplay or America. So we’re a pretty mixed bag! (Laughs).

What are your plans for the next two years?

Christine: We’re currently in the studio recording our first album of originals, so that’s our main focus at this stage, as well as to continue touring with our tribute shows. We’d like the opportunity to take our music and the shows to a wider audience. Hopefully in two years’ time people will be singing along to our songs as well.

How can our readers get hold of your music and follow your journey?

Ria: We’re on Facebook, and we always communicate with our followers. They can also follow us on YouTube, and our music is available on iTunes. We also have merchandise available at our live shows, where we have a CD of 18 songs from our tribute show A Tribute to Family Legends, so people will get a chance to purchase a hard copy of the CD if they come to Club Forster on Saturday 26th March.

Thanks guys.


Don’t miss Audio Vixen’s A Tribute to Family Legends at Club Forster, Saturday 26th March 2016; 8pm.

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