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Name: Alison Mia Fleming, but since I can remember, everyone has called me Pal.

How long have you lived in the Manning Great Lakes?

About 2 years now.
What brought you here?

I grew up in Sydney in the Hills District, but always holidayed in Forster, because my grandparents live in Forster Keys.

When my older brother got married, he moved to Tuncurry, and my parents soon followed for a sea change. I stayed in Sydney for a little while, but the coastal lifestyle was always winking suggestively at me. When my brother and his wife started having babies, ‘Aunty Pal’ just had to move up too.
What do you love most about living here?

Being able to go for a drive and check out different areas. I really enjoy taking the country roads and just looking around. You can’t really do that in big cities.

I also love the fact that at any given time you can find somewhere to play bingo or win a meat tray. But the best thing is that living in a small town your friends are never more that 10 minutes away, and there is no traffic!
Last movie you watched?

I watched a movie called The Waitress. It’s a movie set in the deep south of the USA about a young woman who makes amazing pies and names them after things that are happening in her life.

It follows her as she finds the strength to leave an unhealthy marriage and make her own way in life. It’s a funny, sweet, feel-good movie, and it’s actually got tons of really yummy pie recipes.

Favourite thing to do on a weekend?

Definitely playing with my niece and nephew and mooching dinner off my sister-in- law. Apart from that, lately I’ve been enjoying playing Band Hero with my best friend over a few Virgin Rum and cokes; we’re still looking for a drummer to complete our band, though.

People may have heard you on local radio. Tell us a bit about what it is you do on air?

On Wednesday nights it’s Urban Action time. My co-host Bretto and I talk all the latest music and celebrity gossip. It’s a fun, laid back kind of show, with lots of laughs.

On Saturday from 10am – 2pm it’s just me playing the latest Country Music and taking Country Music requests.
You mentioned that you never really considered a career in radio until you volunteered. What changed your mind?

I had the opportunity to volunteer as a receptionist at Great Lakes FM, and one day someone was needed to cover a shift. After they called everyone else, they found themselves staring into the bottom of the barrel squarely at me. From that first on air shift, I realised that radio offers something very special, in that it allows the listener to be in the moment and find positivity and humour in everyday life.
If you could interview anyone through history on air, who would it be?

My great grandmother, Daisy. She was an amazing woman; she and my great grandfather had their first child out of wedlock. My great grandfather died quite young, and Daisy carried on raising their children with grace and courage. I would ask her all about her life and her romance with my great grandfather.

After he died, his mother and sister continued to write Daisy letters of support, love and always offered assistance.

Each letter started out with, “My Dear Daisy”. The most fascinating thing is that these women lived in England, and Daisy was in Australia. They never actually met Daisy face to face, but they stayed in contact long after my great grandfather died.
Words to live by (e.g. favourite quote)

“A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.”

“Being still and doing nothing are two very different things.” – Mr Han from the Karate Kid.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill.

Thanks Pal.

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