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Multi-award winning Country musician, Adam Harvey, performs at Club Taree on September 20. Country music fans will be thrilled to learn that Adam will be performing songs from his recently released album, Falling into Place. Adam will also perform a slew of old favourite songs with fellow Country musician, Amber Lawrence. FOCUS spoke to Adam about the inspiration for his seventh studio album.

Your new album, Falling into Place, is inspired by your family and friends and the characters who share your life living on the Central Coast of NSW. It sounds like a very personal album … Has it been a confronting experience to reveal such intimate aspects of your life?

I tend to write songs about how I am going in life at the time. I’ve got a beautiful, healthy family, and I have the best job in the world. (I don’t make as much money as you journos … but I love my job!) I have been to Nashville to write the songs for a new album in the past, but I figured that every man and his dog seems to be doing that these days. I decided to do the opposite and sit in my own backyard shed (I have a little bar out there), invite some of my best friends over and write a few songs together.

I think this album has a much more ‘local’ feel because of that. I wrote songs about my local pub, my favourite fishing hole and some of the local characters I have known over the years.

Beccy Cole and Troy Cassar-Daley are personal friends of yours and were both invited to co-write songs and contribute vocals on tracks on the album. Some musicians would prefer to have the limelight shine solely on themselves, although this seemingly isn’t the case with you?

I really love working with other singers and songwriters, and let’s face it; it’s pretty handy when you can call on the likes of Beccy Cole and Troy Cassar-Daley to co-write and sing with you. Troy has recorded with me before, when we wrote Hair Of The Dog together, and he said he would love to sing the song as a duet on the album. Beccy and I are great friends and have also recorded duets together. I think working with such talented people brings the best out in me. I’ve got to be at my best, just to try and keep up with them!

The title track, Falling into Place was written with Cassar-Daley and tells the story of when you were offered a record deal, which required you to relocate from Melbourne to Sydney. In a sense, the song is an ode to your relationship with your wife. Tell us about this?

Troy’s background is similar to mine. I told him the story of my wife and I, and how we moved to Sydney to try Country music as a full time career. My wife was pregnant with our son, and our friends all said we were mad and that we would be broke in a few weeks. My wife said, “Let’s give this a go”, and she bought me a little plaque that said, “As long as we’re together, everything else will fall into place”.

Troy loved the story so we wrote it as a song, and it became the title track.

It’s true what they say, “Behind every man is a damn good woman” (mine is rolling her eyes right now, wondering how she ended up with this idiot!)

Before your success as a musician, you were studying horticulture – these are two very disparate worlds. Had you always harboured a passion to perform and sing? 

Yes, I’ve always loved music. I never dreamed I could do it for a living, but I’ve always loved music. My dad had a landscape gardening

business for a while, and I was going to take it over. Then I got a job opening the show up for Tania Kernaghan, and I fell in love with the touring lifestyle. I have had several other jobs over the years, including a stint in the mines, but I always spent too much time away on the road to hold down a permanent full-time job. I’ve just been lucky enough to pay the bills doing what I love!

Tell us about the track, A Good Woman Can?

Beccy Cole and I have toured together, and we wrote the chorus six years ago on tour. I have been nagging her to finish the song with me ever since, so I guess she got sick of my nagging. Bec was kind enough to record the track with me as a duet, and it has that cheeky and naughty side that I love about Beccy.

And, Everything I Own Has a Dent … ?

That was a Randy Travis song which I can really relate to. My car has scratches and dents in it, so does my guitar; even my phone is always busted. When I first heard that song, I thought,“Randy is singing about me!”

I have a long list of classic Country songs that I would love to record, and every album gives me a chance to cross one or two of those off the ‘bucket’ list!

Fellow country music singer, Amber Lawrence, will be joining you for the performance at Club Taree … what can our readers look forward to you performing together?

Amber is going really well, and she reminds me of a young Beccy Cole. She has really learnt how to entertain a crowd. Amber also goes out with my drummer, so the band and I get to watch them fight all day in the car (free entertainment for us!).

I sing quite a few duets with Amber, including some Johnny and June Carter Cash, Kenny and Dolly, and whatever anyone asks for on the night.

Who are some of your all-time favourite Country music singers and why?

I love the old legends of country: Johnny Cash, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Willie Nelson, Slim Dusty, Conway Twitty (we even named our son after him).

I’m also inspired by Keith Urban and Kasey Chambers. I think they have both done a lot for Country music in Australia and changed how many people perceive country music.

Thank you Adam. 

Interview by Karen Farrell.

This story was published in issue 67 of the Manning-Great Lakes Focus

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