Adam Harvey and Troy Cassar-Daley

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Two of Australia’s most loved and popular country music stars, Adam Harvey and Troy Cassar-Daley are combining forces for a not to be missed show in Taree this month.

> Adam, tell our readers where you grew up.

I originally grew up in Geelong, Victoria. I am still getting over the butt kicking from Collingwood!

> How did music find its way into your life?

It was my father, actually. He had some amazing records – Johnny Cash and all that stuff. He would brainwash us! We would listen to that stuff all night on the stereo and then strum along on the guitar in the lounge room.

> And now seven Golden Guitars!

Lucky seven, eh! I have been very very lucky over the years. When people ask me what’s my favourite, I always say the first one! It’s kind of a pinnacle as country music singers in Australia. You know, you work hard for a few years on the album, then you go to the big awards night in Tamworth, and the Golden Guitar is the one we all aim for.

> Tell us how you came to meet Troy. What were your first impressions?

I have always loved Troy; he is a really nice bloke, and he has the same taste in traditional country music as me. When we get together, he is one of the few people who I can chat to about the great old country singers.

He knows all the old songs and we always seem to get the guitars out and sing all the old country songs – no matter where we are, at award shows, festivals! Sooner or later we eventually thought we should get all these songs and do a show, do a little tour. We got the chance to get out and do it last year, and it was fantastic – the crowds loved it. We thought this year we would give it another crack.

> Do you guys party when together on tour? Or is it strictly business on the road?

(Laughs) I probably do most of the partying! We always have a great laugh. We have a really good band; they’re funny buggers. Touring is like one big holiday. And we get to do what we love overnight for a quid as well. So it is a mix of both.

> You’re such a down to earth, true blue Aussie. How do you cope with the politics of the music industry?

It is a funny business. But we have a really great group of friends up here. I live around the corner from Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole and Gina Jeffreys, and they are all really down to earth people – so we all hang out together, and that keeps us grounded.

We call it hillbilly heaven down here on the Central Coast!

And I reckon having kids really grounds you. I remember coming home after tours and you see that first dirty nappy you have to change – it brings you right down to earth, let me tell you!

> Are you a family man?

I love the kids – absolutely love them. I am lucky to have a beautiful wife, beautiful kids and I have a pretty good looking Chihuahua too, so I got it all!

> Thank you Adam.


> Tell us where you grew up?

I grew up in Grafton NSW and loved every minute of living on the North Coast!

My diet of music was a bunch of great country my mother bought from ‘Nash-villa Music’ in Grafton, and that was where my love affair with country music began.

> And you have recently been based in America! Tell us about your life there.

We have had a great family adventure here in Nashville, Tennessee. I think I can learn a lot more about song writing, and that’s been the main focus of my trip.

The kids have enjoyed school life and my wife Laurel (Edwards) has done her radio show from here, so we have really bonded together on this trip.

The traditions of country music are still strong here, and I was made to feel right at home as soon as I sang for people when writing. I have made some great mates and have been made to feel very welcome.

> How did you and Adam Harvey first come to meet?

Adam and I first met at Seagulls up the coast, when he was opening for me quite a few years back now.We spoke before and after the gig; it was there we realised we shared a common love of traditional country music. Every time we met after that, we would talk pure country and the songs that have inspired us over the years – and that’s how this show came about, actually.

> What do you like about his performances / style?

Adam is laid back and has a great way of entertaining a crowd that I have always enjoyed. His humour is always fun, but his singing voice always got me in. And when we get a chance to sing together, we have a ball every time!

> Do you miss living in Australia?

I really have missed Australia a lot; just being home is something I take for granted at times, but you have to live away for a bit to appreciate that. I can’t wait to get back now we are on the home stretch.

> What do you miss most?

Everything about Australia – our horses, my fishing, our pound cat and my bed! But most of all, the people. I have missed just pulling up for a yarn with folks, and Aussies have a way of doing it that is like nowhere else. That makes us very unique, I reckon.

> What can people expect when they see the show?

This show is something that people will get a huge buzz from! We have put together a list of tunes that is so full of great country hits that folks will be singing along and clapping from the very first song! We get the biggest thrill as country singers to be able to deliver these songs of our heroes past and present to people who appreciate them as much as we do. So we ask the listener to just jump in and enjoy the ride, as we guide them along an old familiar road of songs we all related to – with one of the best country bands in Australia to boot!

> Thank you Troy.

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