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Songwriter Kate Hardiman has a great story to tell and an outstanding resumé in a musician’s world.

Right now I’m at home watching a lightning storm out the window.The lightning is amazing, as it lights up the river outside. Always a good setting to inspire me to write lyrics for my music.

I am a songwriter who primarily writes for film/TV.

I currently have 3 songs under consideration for films being produced in America. As a songwriter I have found it extremely difficult to promote my music here in Australia. There are more avenues available to promote music overseas, so hopefully if I’m successful over there, someone may listen over here!

I’m so glad people like my song, ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ …

This song is particularly special, as I wrote it for a young girl who’s father died in the most tragic of circumstances. She was 15 at the time and asked me to write it for her dad! I was touched by her courage and honesty when writing this song and so, I’m Only Sleeping was penned.

This song was never meant to have been made public, but with the family’s permission this song was promoted as a song to hopefully help others who have also lost someone they love.

The community of Taree really pulled together on this song. Peter Stevenson (Turn Around Music) my producer put the arrangement together, and Fiona Webster (my cousin) sang the haunting vocals. David Fryatt, also a local musician, played the accoustic guitar. Anthony Zanos at 2RE has given it airplay and Larry Belton has sold out the single twice down at Leading Edge Music. Without these people, this song wouldn’t have been possible. So thank you so much to all those involved.

The reviews from America have been fantastic.

One review I received said, “Totally beautiful song with an amazing introduction which sets a beautiful magic atmosphere right from the start. Your song is sad but hopeful. Your lyrics are so meaningful, and so many people can relate to them. Love your vocals and instrumental score. Perfect timing. Your song would make a movie very special.“

I think of song- writing as a team effort. A bit like cooking a cake, without the right ingredients it doesn’t work.

Fiona Webster, my amazing cousin has provided all the main vocals on my two recent songs. As kids growing up, we were always pretty close and always surrounded by music. After many attempts at getting this song right, I finally asked Fiona to give it a go and … wow … did she do just that. Her vocals were stunning and just what the song needed. She has since recorded my latest song ‘Try to Understand’, which is doing really well on the international songwriting circuit.

My producer Pete Stevenson deserves most of the thanks in my work. His musical talents are extraordinary and his arrangements just amazing. Without him on board, my songs would not be the same.

I debuted my songs on the international songwriting circuit in 2009 and have had some really pleasing results.

I was blown away at placing semi finalist in the UK and thrilled at later being awarded finalist in France for songwriting. Most of these competitions have in excess of 3,000 entries worldwide, so to gain a place was just so rewarding. I’m really looking forward to the results of this year’s competitions, as I have entered more songs and more competitions … so fingers crossed that the results are good.

I’ve chosen the genre of film/TV as an avenue for my songs.

A good piece of music can add a whole new dimension to a film. It can make you laugh, or it can make you cry. I like to write songs that mean something to someone, whether born out of tragedy, heartache or just simply love. I have 4 beautiful children who give me so much inspiration when writing; I often get great titles to songs by watching them.

2010 is an exciting year for me. I am about to begin my demo album.

I hit the studio tomorrow and can’t wait to get started. The recording studio is an amazing place to be; I always leave there so passionate about songwriting and am always in awe of Pete, both as a producer and also as my mentor.

Once my album is complete, I can really start promoting my music and getting it ‘out there’ for you, the audience, to hear. Hopefully over the next 5 years I’ll continue to write and record, and you never know, maybe someday my songs will be heard in a film.

At the end of the day, if my music isn’t successful, I’ll always be proud of what I’ve achieved so far. It was always my childhood dream to record an album, so getting this far feels incredible!

Thanks Kate.

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